Dead Birds Fall From The Sky In Arkansas

Date: January 6, 2011

4,000 Birds Mysteriously Fall From The Sky

Like a scene from a horror film, more than 4,000 blackbirds fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. The exact cause of this is still a mystery. Most sources are blaming lightning and high altitude hail produced by severe storms from the night before. Some are boldly claiming that it was the result of government testing. Others are suggesting that it is some type of virus. In addition, there are experts that suggest it was the result of fireworks that were set off for the New Years celebration.

birds falling from sky
If Only Birds Could Talk

dead birds Arkansas

cause of dead birdsdead birds in ark

Imagine living in a small town and waking up to find hundreds of dead blackbirds in your yard. Residents in Beebe, Arkansas do not have to imagine this sight. Thousands of dead blackbirds were found in a 1.5 square mile area! Residents were grabbing shovels and picking up the birds. The city even hired a company to pick the other dead birds. Some parents are not allowing their children to play in the yard in case of a biological hazard. To add even more mystery to this story, the red-winged blackbird was the only type of bird found dead.

Recent Updates To Dead Birds In Arkansas:

Autopsies on 17 blackbirds indicated that they died of severe trauma to their organs. (NBC NEWS) Furthermore, the autopsy revealed that the stomachs were empty, thus ruling out some type of poison. Dr. George Badley stated that they died in midair, not on impact with the ground.

Dead Birds Found in Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand

This mysterious story of birds falling from sky does not end in Arkansas. Louisiana saw around 500 dead birds of the same species. Residents in Kentucky reported a small case of dead birds. In addition, more dead birds were found in Sweden, Brazil and New Zealand.

Birds Falling On Letterman Set:

David Letterman made a joke about the story on his late night show. See the video here> David Letterman-Dead Birds Falling Onto Set.

I want to hear what you think about this phenomena. Feel free to comment on what may have caused this tragedy!

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Michael Vick: The Facts Behind His Sentence for Dog Fighting

Michael Vick Dog Fighting

Michael Vick in 2010:

As I look at the headlines in the sports world I see mentions of Michael Vick being a MVP candidate for the 2010 NFL season. Michael Vick is a tremendous athlete that can launch out of the pocket with the speed of a running back. There is no doubt that Michael Vick is a highly talented individual.

About Michael Vick:michael vick stats 2010

Michael Dwayne Vick was born on June 26th, 1980. He played college football at Virginia Tech and placed third in the list of Heisman trophy hopefuls. Michael left after his sophomore year to enter the NFL draft where he was drafted first by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001. He was the first African American quarterback to be selected first overall in the NFL draft.

What Went Wrong

Michael Vick was a huge prescience in the NFL as he ranked second among quarterbacks in career rushing yards. Even though he had tremendous talent, Vick got involved with a dog fighting ring that was running for over five years. Dog fighting is an event where individuals force dogs to fight against each other. Often the dogs involved fight to their death. Many dog fighting rings train their dogs to kill other dogs!

In April 2007, Michael Vick pleaded guilty to federal felony charges and served 21 months in prison, followed by two months of house arrest. To add more insult to his injuries, due to the loss of his NFL salary and endorsement contracts, Michael filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008.

Dog Fighting in the United States:

My purpose of this blog was not to continue the onslaught of Michael Vick. He has received enough ridicule and he did serve his time. However, he brought the problem of dog fighting to the forefront of society.

Dog fighting is illegal and is a form of entertainment and gambling for many neighborhoods across the United States. As a child, I grew up in a neighborhood that was involved with dog fighting. I didn’t know that at the time. I remember middle aged men walking their dogs down the street. The dogs were always extremely muscular with an attitude to match. I always loved dogs, so I would always try to pet them. Thankfully, my parents never allowed me to that. I may have lost a finger! What I didn’t know was that those dogs were trained to kill.

illegal dog fightingmichael vick dog picsmike vick dog fighting

Puppies just like the one on the left are being trained to kill and the results are horrifying! Just see the pictures! Illegal dog fighting was first discovered in the early 19th century in the United States and was slowly outlawed by all states. However, dog fighting continues to be a form of entertainment in rural and urban locations.

Dog Fighting: Animal Abuse

Dog fighting is one of the most serious forms of animal abuse. It is a horrible reflection of humanity. Ignoring their conscience, individuals use dogs to make money and to entertain themselves. It is a truly sad practice that must end. How would you like it if I trained you from the first day you were born to kill anyone that resists you? What if I forced you to fight to your death? I think most would say no. Animals should be treated the same way! Just because humans are higher on the food chain does not make it acceptable to torture animals to their death!

See more details on dog fighting on Wikipedia.

What You Can Do To Stop Dog Fighting:

If you are under the suspicion that dog fighting is occurring in your neighborhood, call the police, local animal shelter such as the Humane Society or animal control. Never try to be a hero and protest against the dog fighting ring alone. The individuals involved with dog fighting are often armed and dangerous!

dog fighting facts

Animal Shelters: Fighting Back at Dog Fighting

The dogs rescued from dog fighting rings or other types of animal abuse cases are sent to animal shelters. That is why it is so important for you to support your local animal shelters. Please consider to adopt a dog or a cat. If you cannot adopt a pet, donate your car, animal toys and food to help the organization provide a second chance for many deserving animals.

Video on Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case>

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How You Can Stop Animal Cruelty: Pets Need Our Help

animal cruelty factsDon’t we all love the cute face of a puppy? Don’t we all love to hear the “purr” of a kitten?  Sadly, some do not! According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, on average dog and cat owners spend $200-$225 on veterinary visits each year. However, some owners never bother to reach for the piggy bank to even feed their pet! The end result is animals that are unnecessarily dying from starvation and disease.

Animal cruelty goes beyond dog and cat owners. Animal cruelty also stems from:

  • animal experimentation-companies doing inhumane experiments to avoid lawsuits.
  • factory farming-breeding cows to be used for meat. Inject growth hormones to increase bulk.
  • fur trade-killing animals for their fur. Does anyone really need a fur coat?
  • hunting and harvesting-hunting animals excessively for pure sport.
  • entertainment animals: animals used for the circus, films and zoos.

A few weeks ago I went to my first circus. As I entered the doors, I was hounded by several different individuals that gave me fliers on how poorly the circus industry treated the elephants and tigers. The pictures were horrifying. It put a small damper on the overall experience of the show. This heightened my interest in the subject of animal cruelty. I found out that the poor treatment of the circus animals was tame compared to other treatments. (See pictures)

People with unresolved mental problems have been known to beat, shoot, or stab animals or set them on fire. These type of people are likely to abuse other people and even their own family!

I am not encouraging everyone to become vegetarians or to stop going to entertainment events that include animals. I am encouraging everyone to keep an open eye out for animal cruelty. If you see a neighbor mistreating a dog in any way, contact an animal shelter or animal control. Don’t ignore it! Buy products that do not use any type of animal testing.  Just be smart as a consumer so we do not support companies that are trying to make money while abusing animals. Remember that life is important no matter how big or small.

You can also help by adopting pets from organizations such as the Humane Society. Often there are pets available that would make a perfect addition to your family. It gives the animal a second chance at living a happy life. Never ignore a mistreated animal, you can make a difference! To learn more about how you can help support animal shelters click here> car donations for pets
Please watch the video on animal cruelty below. I must warn you that this video is not for those with a weak stomach. Please click on the link to play on Youtube.

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Help End Animal Cruelty

Your car donation helps provide food,
shelter and care for animals in need.

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Your car donation will make a much needed difference in the life of those that cannot speak. By donating your car you will be supporting the ongoing effort to reduce animal suffering and cruelty as well as to create meaningful social change for animals. Your car donation will be used to help investigate animal cruelty and to enforce existing laws and advocating for stronger, more animal friendly public policies. Your vehicle donation is central to supporting the fight. Together, with the help of your vehicle donation, we share a hope to end animal cruelty. Join the cause, and be a voice today. All car donations are tax deductible.

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