Hundreds of Dogs Rescued From Ohio Hoarder

ASPCA Rescues 349 Dogs From Animal Hoarder near Springfield, Ohio

ASPCA Car Donation

If you are familiar with the television show on the A&E network about hoarders, you will be horrified to know that people horde animals too. Recently, members of the ASPCA in Ohio found 349 dogs that were in critical condition and were living amongst garbage and feces. See the video below from the ASPCA in regards to the animal hoarder.

Animal Hoarding Is A True Problem

You may assume that animal hoarding is not a real problem, but you assumed wrong. It is estimated that almost a quarter-million animals fall into the category of animal hoarding. The intentions of an animal hoarder are good, however when the animals are neglected and forced to live in horrible conditions, it puts all the animals at risk. The dog owner was trying to avoid euthanizing all their dogs, however, keeping hundreds of dogs in a closed in area with garbage is only going to magnify the problem. The dogs are easily susceptible to spreading disease and adding even more to the population in dogs. (Dogs do not believe in family planning)

Remember to always think of pet adoption as the first option when you have to give away your pet. Hoarding your pets is not the answer to save an animal. In this case in Ohio, many of the dogs will die due to their poor state of health.

animal hoarding

The Condition of Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a type of psychological disorder that occurs when the owner fails to provide the animals with sufficient amounts of food, water, sanitation and veterinary care. Stats show that 80% of animal hoarding cases result in dead or severely ill animals.

hoarding petsPlease help us help ASPCA end this unnecessary suffering. These animals should not be forced to live like this! Animal adoption gives animals a second chance at life. Don’t animals deserve a second chance?

Watch Animal Hoarding Cases on Animal Planet. You can watch Confessions Animal Hoarding online for free.

confessions animal hoarding watch online

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