Earthquake in Japan Affects Animals Too

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March 30, 2011-

Death Toll In Japan Continues To Rise

japan earthquake 2011

Aftermath of Earthquake in Japan

According to, the devastating earthquake and tsunami have killed 11, 232 people and left another 16, 361 unaccounted for in Japan. Sadly, that does not include how many animals have died from the disaster.

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit the areas of northeastern Japan triggering a massive tsunami. The combination of the tsunami and earthquake destroyed everything in it’s path. If you do not believe me, take a look at the picture.

japan earthquake 2011To add more grief to the community of Japan, the earthquake caused a leak in their nuclear power plant. 29 days later, experts are still trying to avoid dangerous amounts of radioactivity from being released into the atmosphere. In fact, small amounts of radioactivity has been found in rainwater in the United States. While experts have guaranteed that the amounts are too small to be harmful, it shows how devastating the earthquake in Japan was.

animals radioative exposure

Dog tested for radioactive exposure

While much of the world has focused on the devastation the tsunami had on humans, what about the animals? Most animals had no chance of escaping and were paralyzed in fear.animal shelters japananimal donations japan

Animal rescue car donation Japan

Tsunami in Japan Affects Livestock and Other Animals

As this video from IFAW portrays, as many humans evacuated the surronding areas in Japan, many animals such as cattle were left alone to die. Cattle were left chained to walls in barns and dogs and cats survived just by luck.  Currently, the IFAW is putting a plan together to find a location that will be able to provide temporary shelter for the remaining animals that survived.

Animals are also undergoing tests for radioactivity as well. The aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami will never be forgotten. As members of society, we need to match the strength of the disaster with strong hearts that are willing to help in any way we can. The IFAW is going to need help establishing shelters for animals to provide medical care. Please help IFAW by volunteering, making a donation or even donating your car. If we all work together, we can help Japan recover from this horrible natural disaster!

animal rescue car donation

Animal Rescue Efforts in Japan-

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  1. Lisa. says:

    Animals are important to you know. The writer/reporter was not being obsessive, they were merely being caring.

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