ASPCA Car Donation: Donate Your Car For Animal Rescue

spca car donation

How cute is this puppy? I could easily take one of these pups home. Can you believe that many people could hurt a puppy like this? Unfortunately, according to, there were 870 reported cases of animal abuse in America in 2010. However, that doesn’t even count cases that were not reported!

How a Car Donation Can Help Animal Rescue Effortscar donation animal rescue

Well known animal rescue and adoption organizations such as the Humane Society and SPCA have risen to the challenge to help animals that have been abused and neglected. Chances are that there is a Humane Society or ASPCA shelter near you! They dedicate their time to saving the life of thousands of puppies just like the one above. Animal shelters rely on donations from various charities and from the the general public. One emerging type of donation that animal shelters are accepting are called car donations.

While a vehicle is a big investment, there comes a time for some families when the vehicle can no longer be used as a daily driver. Often this car will sit in the driveway and rust away. However, donating your car has become a great way of getting rid of your car quickly and easily while helping the animal rescue efforts of your favorite animal shelter. Plus, all vehicle donations are 100% tax deductible.  It is easy to get a tax deduction for your car donation. After you schedule a free tow, the towing company will give you a tax deduction receipt for your car donation! It is that easy.

Donate Your Car To ASPCA & Humane Society

After you donate your car or truck to help ASPCA, your vehicle is than sold at a charity auto auction. The proceeds of the sale of your car will benefit the Humane Society and ASPCA. The funds can be used to provide food and shelter for pets until they are adopted. This gives animals a second chance at life. Isn’t it worth giving an animal a second chance at life while making your life much easier?

spca animal rescue

SPCA Animal Rescue Shelters

humane society

Humane Society Animal Rescue Shelters

Examples of Animal Abuse In America & How Animal Shelters Helped

Many years ago I driving with my friend in Michigan. I remember it being a sunny Saturday afternoon.  As I looked down the road, I noticed that the cars in front of us were recklessly running over garbage. I remember seeing what I thought was trash flying up to twenty feet in the air. I saw all of this about 1/4 of a mile in front of me. I instinctively slowed down trying to ignore the pestering sound of beeping horns behind me. As we approached the “debris” we realized it was a small flock of geese. People were blatantly running over a family of geese. It was horrifying! Being the caring people that we are, we turned our car around and blocked traffic. It was a strange yet adrenaline filled feeling turning into oncoming traffic and getting out of my car to tell people to stop their vehicle. Amidst the continuous honking of horns, we discovered that all of the baby geese were killed. The only duck that survived this tragedy was the mother. Somehow she found refuge in the opening of a sewer. The mother duck was bleeding heavily from the wing area. The duck was also shaking violently from the shock of the event. We decided to bring the duck to our local Humane Society. As it turns out, the duck had a broken wing and if we did not bring her in, she would of died! The duck recovered and was later released into the wild.

What You Can Do To Help Animals

While there is no way we could have prevented the geese to walk onto the busy street, the drivers could have slowed down to avoid killing the innocent family. The problem here was that drivers did not even care that they were killing them. They were to busy with their own agenda. That is why it is very important for us to never ignore cases of animal neglect. Report abandoned dogs. Abandoned dogs can be a threat to the safety of everyone if they develop diseases. They can also start unwanted breeding with other animals. Lastly, the dog could be killed by collision with a car. Your actions could save the life an animal and others!

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Trying to bring the end to animal cruelty, provide medical treatment and caring for countless animals in our local communities and throughout our nation.
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