How You Can Stop Animal Cruelty: Pets Need Our Help

animal cruelty factsDon’t we all love the cute face of a puppy? Don’t we all love to hear the “purr” of a kitten?  Sadly, some do not! According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, on average dog and cat owners spend $200-$225 on veterinary visits each year. However, some owners never bother to reach for the piggy bank to even feed their pet! The end result is animals that are unnecessarily dying from starvation and disease.

Animal cruelty goes beyond dog and cat owners. Animal cruelty also stems from:

  • animal experimentation-companies doing inhumane experiments to avoid lawsuits.
  • factory farming-breeding cows to be used for meat. Inject growth hormones to increase bulk.
  • fur trade-killing animals for their fur. Does anyone really need a fur coat?
  • hunting and harvesting-hunting animals excessively for pure sport.
  • entertainment animals: animals used for the circus, films and zoos.

A few weeks ago I went to my first circus. As I entered the doors, I was hounded by several different individuals that gave me fliers on how poorly the circus industry treated the elephants and tigers. The pictures were horrifying. It put a small damper on the overall experience of the show. This heightened my interest in the subject of animal cruelty. I found out that the poor treatment of the circus animals was tame compared to other treatments. (See pictures)

People with unresolved mental problems have been known to beat, shoot, or stab animals or set them on fire. These type of people are likely to abuse other people and even their own family!

I am not encouraging everyone to become vegetarians or to stop going to entertainment events that include animals. I am encouraging everyone to keep an open eye out for animal cruelty. If you see a neighbor mistreating a dog in any way, contact an animal shelter or animal control. Don’t ignore it! Buy products that do not use any type of animal testing.  Just be smart as a consumer so we do not support companies that are trying to make money while abusing animals. Remember that life is important no matter how big or small.

You can also help by adopting pets from organizations such as the Humane Society. Often there are pets available that would make a perfect addition to your family. It gives the animal a second chance at living a happy life. Never ignore a mistreated animal, you can make a difference! To learn more about how you can help support animal shelters click here> car donations for pets
Please watch the video on animal cruelty below. I must warn you that this video is not for those with a weak stomach. Please click on the link to play on Youtube.

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Trying to bring the end to animal cruelty, provide medical treatment and caring for countless animals in our local communities and throughout our nation.
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