Healthy Habits for Pets and Their Owners

Healthy Habits for Pets and Their Owners

Pets are the lights of their owners’ lives. And keeping pets healthy is key to extending the warmth and love for years.

Dr. Ernie Ward, nationally renowned veterinarian, pet author and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, offers his ‘Top 5 Healthy Habits’ for pet owners to help ensure pets stay happy and healthy throughout the year:

1. Healthy Eats and Treats. The most important decision you make each day regarding your pet’s health is what you feed it. When choosing pet food, look for meat as one of the first few ingredients, and avoid by-products, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives whenever possible. When it comes to treats, look for low-cal options that confer some health benefit. Treats that help maintain healthy joints, clean teeth or ensure pills are taken are recommended. The ◊Greenies Brand []◊ specializes in great-tasting treats individually formulated to deliver these benefits. If you’re going to give treats, make them count!

2. Brain Boosters. Most people love puzzles — and so does your pet! One of the best ways to feed and treat pets is with a food puzzle. These clever devices hide your pet’s food or treats until they unlock the secret and get their goodies. These tools engage your pet’s brain and bust boredom while you’re away. Forget peanut butter-stuffed toys; these toys stimulate thought and don’t pack on the pounds!

3. Power Play. Walking your dog and playing with your cat each day keeps them trim, healthy and mentally alert. Pets that don’t receive enough physical activity (“lap potatoes”) have the highest rates of weight-related diseases such as arthritis and diabetes and suffer from behavioral problems. For dogs, 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking each day benefits both ends of the leash. For cats, two or three five-minute play periods are plenty. And don’t worry! Walking with your pet can be fun! Try programs like Greenies Wag & Walk 4 Life, and get active with your pet.

4. Paws Together. It’s more fun to play with other dogs! Socialized dogs are simply better behaved and more fun. Visit a dog park, enroll in training classes or become active in serving your community. There are endless ways to get you and your dog to interact with other pet lovers. Share the fun and join a new pack!

5. Pets and Vets. Somehow pet owners started believing that the only time you need a vet is when something is wrong with your pet. The secret to a long and healthy life is vet visits when everything appears fine. A pet owner’s primary goal should be to prevent disease, not only treat it. Changes in diet or lifestyle, giving nutritional supplements and exercising more are straight forward solutions. Sometimes you just need a prod; other times a push. Your veterinarian is your pet’s voice; let them speak for your pet by visiting once a year for young pets and twice yearly for those over age seven.

For more best-care tips for pets, visit and If want to help reduce animal cruelty you can donate a car.

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Hundreds of Dogs Rescued From Ohio Hoarder

ASPCA Rescues 349 Dogs From Animal Hoarder near Springfield, Ohio

ASPCA Car Donation

If you are familiar with the television show on the A&E network about hoarders, you will be horrified to know that people horde animals too. Recently, members of the ASPCA in Ohio found 349 dogs that were in critical condition and were living amongst garbage and feces. See the video below from the ASPCA in regards to the animal hoarder.

Animal Hoarding Is A True Problem

You may assume that animal hoarding is not a real problem, but you assumed wrong. It is estimated that almost a quarter-million animals fall into the category of animal hoarding. The intentions of an animal hoarder are good, however when the animals are neglected and forced to live in horrible conditions, it puts all the animals at risk. The dog owner was trying to avoid euthanizing all their dogs, however, keeping hundreds of dogs in a closed in area with garbage is only going to magnify the problem. The dogs are easily susceptible to spreading disease and adding even more to the population in dogs. (Dogs do not believe in family planning)

Remember to always think of pet adoption as the first option when you have to give away your pet. Hoarding your pets is not the answer to save an animal. In this case in Ohio, many of the dogs will die due to their poor state of health.

animal hoarding

The Condition of Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a type of psychological disorder that occurs when the owner fails to provide the animals with sufficient amounts of food, water, sanitation and veterinary care. Stats show that 80% of animal hoarding cases result in dead or severely ill animals.

hoarding petsPlease help us help ASPCA end this unnecessary suffering. These animals should not be forced to live like this! Animal adoption gives animals a second chance at life. Don’t animals deserve a second chance?

Watch Animal Hoarding Cases on Animal Planet. You can watch Confessions Animal Hoarding online for free.

confessions animal hoarding watch online

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Cancer Is A Threat To Animals Too

How To Prevent Cancer In Dogs and Cats

dogs with cancer

Animals Can Get Cancer Too!

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in humans. However, cancer is just as threatening for dogs and cats. In fact, 8,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer each day! Despite the efforts of cancer research scientists, there is no cure for cancer in humans or animals. However, we must learn how to minimize the risks of cancer and be prepared to fight back! That is why it is time we learn more about canine cancer.

Facts About Pet Cancer

Hundreds or thousands of dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer each year. While that might sound shocking to you, it is the truth. Experienced veterinarians estimate that about half of 64 million dogs in the United States will have some type of cancer in their dog years of life. Sadly, 80% of dogs over the age of ten will die from cancer. The most important preventative measure is to diagnose and treat cancer as soon as possible before it spreads. Now that I made you aware of the doom and gloom of pets with cancer, there are some steps you can take to lower your pet’s risk for developing cancer.

How To Prevent Your Pet From Developing Cancer

cancer causing chemicals in lawn Toxic Chemicals in your Yard:

Never use chemicals such as fertilizers or weed killers on your lawn that your dog or cat will come into contact with. Chemicals are extremely toxic to their body and it is the leading cause of lymphoma in dogs. If you let your dog outside in your yard, my best advice is to avoid using any type of chemical! Lastly, remember that your dogs’ or cats’ nose will be very close to the ground. Therefore, even if your dog simply breathes in some of the toxic fumes, they could develop some type of cancer.

skin cancer in pets
Too Much of A Tan Is Not Good For Your Pet

Animals can get too much sun too. The over exposure to sun may cause many cutaneous cancers, including sarcomas and carcinomas. If your dog is barking about how pale they are, tell them they will have to deal with it. You can even buy sunscreen for dogs on

Spray Or Neuter Your Pets

cancer dogsVeterinarians recommend that all pets be sprayed or neutered to avoid the over population of animals in the community. In addition, vets also suggest owners to spray or neuter their pets to avoid mammary and testicular cancer.

Diet And Genetics:

Just like humans, the diet and history of the animal play an important role in developing cancer. Dogs need to be eating dog food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid feeding your pet cheap food or any food that is full of processed chemicals. A good cancer-fighting diet should be low in carbohydrates and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Read the ingredients list throughly and make sure meat and vegetables are at the top of the list! In addition, lack of exercise will make your pet susceptible to developing cancer. Take your dog for a walk, it might even make you feel better.

puppies with cancerGenetics also plays a big role in developing cancer. If the mother and father had cancer at one point, chances are their little ones will also develop cancer. Make sure you know your pets health history if possible. Genetics can be relevant through an entire breed or on a smaller scale through a breeding line.


Vaccinating your pet can play a role in causing cancer. Disturbingly, cancer is often diagnosed a month after a pet’s annual vaccination. Commonly, vaccination related tumors occur when a pet receives needle sticks in the same place every year. Vaccines are known to remain effective for much longer than a year. Therefore, your pet may not even need to be vaccinated. Ask your veterinarian if it is even necessary to vaccinate your pet.

Ten Signs of Cancer In Animals

Source: Dog Topics

Here are some common signs of cancer in animals.

1. Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow
2. Sores that do not heal
3. Weight loss
4. Loss of appetite
5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
6. Offensive odor
7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
9. Persistent lameness or stiffness
10. Difficulty breathing, urinating, or defecating

Types of Cancer In Dogs and Cats

Source: Pet Health- Common Types of Cancer In Pets

Abdominal Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Bone Cancer or Osteosarcoma
Breast or mammary cancer
Feline Leukemia
Mouth Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Skin Cancer
Testicular Cancer

If you follow this short guide on how to prevent cancer for your dog or cat, you will ensure that your dog will wag its tail for many years. Cat lovers will hear their cat purr for many years too!

about cancer in dogscancer in cats

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SPCA Car Donation: Animal Rescue, Pet Adoption & Shelter

SPCA animal shelter helpingWhy You Should Donate Your Car To SPCA

The staff at receives many calls in regards to car donations that ask us who the SPCA is. We decided that writing a blog about the SPCA would be the best way to answer everyones question.

First and foremost, SPCA stands for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The SPCA is not affiliated with the Humane Society or any other organization. The mission of the SPCA is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned and neglected pets. The experienced veterinarians attempt to restore animals of many types to their original state of health. Animals that recover are then put up for adoption.

What SPCA Programs and Services Do For Your Local Community

1. Spray and Neuter Programs

Most SPCA organizations offer programs to spray/neuter your pet. The Sacramento SPCA will perform over 25,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year. It is important to spray or neuter your pet to avoid the overpopulation of pets in your community. Not to mention, if you struggle to take care of one dog or cat, imagine if one day your pet brought home a litter of puppies or kittens. 

SPCA programs

SPCA Microchip Program

2. Vaccinations, Microchips and Pet Licenses

Many SPCA shelters provide important vaccines to keep your pet healthy. In addition, if you wish to track your pet in case they get lost, you can get a microchip to help you track your “best friend”.

3. Pets Lost and Found

Check with your local animal shelter to see if your dog was rescued and was sent to a animal shelter. Never assume that your pet will never be found.

4. Dog and Cat Behavior Helpline

Some SPCA clinics offer free help over the phone to assist dog and cat owners deal with discipline problems.

5. Dog Training Classes

SPCA offers on-site dog training classes. Train your dog to be the dog you want him or her to be.

6. Volunteer Program

The SPCA relies on the help of the general public to take dogs in need for short walks or just for companionship.

SPCA of sacramento

SCPA-Humane Treatment of Animals

7. Humane Education

Offer classes to children that teach them lessons of kindness, responsibility and respect for all animals.

8. Report Cases of Animal Abuse or Neglect

Most important, the SPCA encourages everyone to contact your local Animal Care and Regulation center if you suspect a case of animal cruelty and neglect. The SPCA does not handle animal abuse cases directly.

car donation

SPCA Car Donations

9. How to Help SPCA Continue Their Fight To Help Animals in Need?

The SPCA does not rely on any state or government funding program to operate its daily activities. It relies on their programs and donations from people just like you. CarsHelpingPets has teamed up with the SPCA to accept car donations as a way to provide even more funding to continue their animal rescue efforts. Without car and monetary donations, the SPCA would not be able to provide the quality programs that the community enjoys everyday.

Where are SPCA Organizations located?

The SPCA can be found almost anywhere in the United States. In fact, the SPCA can even be found worldwide known as SPCAI. However, the SPCA has a strong following in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco California. Texas and New York also has a strong following of SPCA members. Click on the image to see more information about a SPCA near you. 

San Francisco SPCA

San Francisco, CA SPCA

SPCA Texas

SPCA of Austin, Texas

SPCA of New York

SPCA of Erie County, New York

 SPCA Sacramento

SPCA of Sacramento, CA

Locations of SPCA Shelters With Phone Numbers

Sacramento, California SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA  95828

SPCA of San Francisco, California
2500 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

SPCA Erie County, New York
205 Ensminger Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 875-7360

SPCA Locations in Texas:

SPCA of Texas
2400 Lone Star Dr.
Dallas, TX 75212
Main Phone Number: 214-742-SPCA (7722)
Report Animal Cruelty: 214-461-1850
Fax Number: 214-461-1801

SPCA of Dallas, Texas
362 Riverfront Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75207
Main Phone Number: 214-742-SPCA (7722)
Report Animal Cruelty: 214-461-1850
Fax Number: 214-461-1801

SPCA of McKinney, Texas
8411 Stacy Road
Mckinney, TX 75070
Main Phone Number: 214-742-SPCA (7722)
Report Animal Cruelty: 214-461-1850
Fax Number: 214-461-1801

SPCA of Dallas, TX
4830 Village Fair Drive
Dallas, TX 75224
Main Phone Number: 214-742-SPCA (7722)
Report Animal Cruelty: 214-461-1850
Fax Number: 214-461-1801

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Earthquake in Japan Affects Animals Too

Donate Your Car Animal Rescue

March 30, 2011-

Death Toll In Japan Continues To Rise

japan earthquake 2011

Aftermath of Earthquake in Japan

According to, the devastating earthquake and tsunami have killed 11, 232 people and left another 16, 361 unaccounted for in Japan. Sadly, that does not include how many animals have died from the disaster.

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit the areas of northeastern Japan triggering a massive tsunami. The combination of the tsunami and earthquake destroyed everything in it’s path. If you do not believe me, take a look at the picture.

japan earthquake 2011To add more grief to the community of Japan, the earthquake caused a leak in their nuclear power plant. 29 days later, experts are still trying to avoid dangerous amounts of radioactivity from being released into the atmosphere. In fact, small amounts of radioactivity has been found in rainwater in the United States. While experts have guaranteed that the amounts are too small to be harmful, it shows how devastating the earthquake in Japan was.

animals radioative exposure

Dog tested for radioactive exposure

While much of the world has focused on the devastation the tsunami had on humans, what about the animals? Most animals had no chance of escaping and were paralyzed in fear.animal shelters japananimal donations japan

Animal rescue car donation Japan

Tsunami in Japan Affects Livestock and Other Animals

As this video from IFAW portrays, as many humans evacuated the surronding areas in Japan, many animals such as cattle were left alone to die. Cattle were left chained to walls in barns and dogs and cats survived just by luck.  Currently, the IFAW is putting a plan together to find a location that will be able to provide temporary shelter for the remaining animals that survived.

Animals are also undergoing tests for radioactivity as well. The aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami will never be forgotten. As members of society, we need to match the strength of the disaster with strong hearts that are willing to help in any way we can. The IFAW is going to need help establishing shelters for animals to provide medical care. Please help IFAW by volunteering, making a donation or even donating your car. If we all work together, we can help Japan recover from this horrible natural disaster!

animal rescue car donation

Animal Rescue Efforts in Japan-

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Dog Fighting Ring Discovered In Monroe County, MI

Dog Fighting Suspects Arrested In Monroe County, Michigan

dog fighting case monroe county mi

David Grow, with the Monroe County Animal Control.

Local law officials have arrested 26 people from across the country Sunday morning in Monroe County, MI to end the reign of a suspected dog fighting ring.

The central location of the dog fighting case was on the 500 block of Ida-Maybe Road in Raisinville Township, MI. Authorities found various drugs, handguns and $40,000 in cash. The dog fighting championships were held in the garage of the the two-story home.
Police also found five fighting dogs that were injured from a recent championship match. Animal control wants to know what happened to the injured dogs, where they were taken and where they were treated.

Toledo Area Humane Society

John Dinon

John Dinon of the Toledo Area Humane Society commented that “This is a national phenomenon where there are cells around the country and they communicate with each other about these animals and about these fights.”

The 26 suspects are currently in the Monroe County jail and are facing charges of dog fighting. If convicted, they may face up to four years in prison. Is this punishment severe enough?

dog fighting ring monroe michigan

other dog fighting case

Thankfully, Michigan has tougher laws against dog fighting than Ohio. Hopefully this will send a strong message to other dog fighting rings that this type of animal abuse must stop.

Monroe County Prosecutor Paul Nichols said this is by far, the biggest dog fighting case he has encountered. I want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on this dog fighting case. Is justice served or should there be harsher punishments?

Source: Toledo Blade

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SPCA: 100 Sled Dogs Slaughtered in Canada

100 sled dogs killed

100 Sled Dogs Were Killed

SPCA Investigates Massive Killing of 100 Canadian Dogs

I think the word “slaughter” is the more appropriate word to describe the recent discovery of 100 dogs that were shot and killed.

Due to a lag in business after the winter Olympics, the owner of a well known dog sled tour in Whistler, BC openly admitted to ordering the killing of 100 dogs. The dog sled tour, named “Outdoor Adventures Whistler” is declining to make any public statement on this case of animal cruelty.  The Vancouver Humane Society is suggesting a ban on the sled-dog tour business.

This is another case of business taking precedence over animal welfare. Documents have revealed that the dog sled tours struggled after the Olympics. After the company could not find a home for the dogs, the pack of innocent dogs were shot in April.

The employee that was commanded to slaughter the dogs has not been named.  However, there are documents that state that the employee has been given compensation for developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being forced to kill the sled dogs.

The BC SPCA is currently investigating this case of animal abuse and officials are eager to locate the mass grave that contains the slaughtered dogs.

sled dog tour canadaMore Information:

Documents have revealed even more information. Information that is quite sickening. Marcie Moriarty, manager of animal cruelty investigations, claimed it is the worst investigation she has ever done.  In the documents obtained by the CKNW radio station, it was reported that a man was attacked by the nearby dogs as the shooting occurred. He was forced to slit the throat of one of the dogs that jumped on him. This story has brought tears to my eyes. It takes a lot to make a 27 year old male cry. However, this story of the brutal killing of animals stirs up emotions of anger and sadness. Please spread the news of this awful tragedy to make sure that this never happens again. It only takes a little bit of awareness to discover acts of animal cruelty. Take a moment out of your busy day and show others that you care!

More stories on Animal Cruelty:

Animal Cruelty Worldwide

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

February 2, 2011

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ASPCA Car Donation: Donate Your Car For Animal Rescue

spca car donation

How cute is this puppy? I could easily take one of these pups home. Can you believe that many people could hurt a puppy like this? Unfortunately, according to, there were 870 reported cases of animal abuse in America in 2010. However, that doesn’t even count cases that were not reported!

How a Car Donation Can Help Animal Rescue Effortscar donation animal rescue

Well known animal rescue and adoption organizations such as the Humane Society and SPCA have risen to the challenge to help animals that have been abused and neglected. Chances are that there is a Humane Society or ASPCA shelter near you! They dedicate their time to saving the life of thousands of puppies just like the one above. Animal shelters rely on donations from various charities and from the the general public. One emerging type of donation that animal shelters are accepting are called car donations.

While a vehicle is a big investment, there comes a time for some families when the vehicle can no longer be used as a daily driver. Often this car will sit in the driveway and rust away. However, donating your car has become a great way of getting rid of your car quickly and easily while helping the animal rescue efforts of your favorite animal shelter. Plus, all vehicle donations are 100% tax deductible.  It is easy to get a tax deduction for your car donation. After you schedule a free tow, the towing company will give you a tax deduction receipt for your car donation! It is that easy.

Donate Your Car To ASPCA & Humane Society

After you donate your car or truck to help ASPCA, your vehicle is than sold at a charity auto auction. The proceeds of the sale of your car will benefit the Humane Society and ASPCA. The funds can be used to provide food and shelter for pets until they are adopted. This gives animals a second chance at life. Isn’t it worth giving an animal a second chance at life while making your life much easier?

spca animal rescue

SPCA Animal Rescue Shelters

humane society

Humane Society Animal Rescue Shelters

Examples of Animal Abuse In America & How Animal Shelters Helped

Many years ago I driving with my friend in Michigan. I remember it being a sunny Saturday afternoon.  As I looked down the road, I noticed that the cars in front of us were recklessly running over garbage. I remember seeing what I thought was trash flying up to twenty feet in the air. I saw all of this about 1/4 of a mile in front of me. I instinctively slowed down trying to ignore the pestering sound of beeping horns behind me. As we approached the “debris” we realized it was a small flock of geese. People were blatantly running over a family of geese. It was horrifying! Being the caring people that we are, we turned our car around and blocked traffic. It was a strange yet adrenaline filled feeling turning into oncoming traffic and getting out of my car to tell people to stop their vehicle. Amidst the continuous honking of horns, we discovered that all of the baby geese were killed. The only duck that survived this tragedy was the mother. Somehow she found refuge in the opening of a sewer. The mother duck was bleeding heavily from the wing area. The duck was also shaking violently from the shock of the event. We decided to bring the duck to our local Humane Society. As it turns out, the duck had a broken wing and if we did not bring her in, she would of died! The duck recovered and was later released into the wild.

What You Can Do To Help Animals

While there is no way we could have prevented the geese to walk onto the busy street, the drivers could have slowed down to avoid killing the innocent family. The problem here was that drivers did not even care that they were killing them. They were to busy with their own agenda. That is why it is very important for us to never ignore cases of animal neglect. Report abandoned dogs. Abandoned dogs can be a threat to the safety of everyone if they develop diseases. They can also start unwanted breeding with other animals. Lastly, the dog could be killed by collision with a car. Your actions could save the life an animal and others!

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Autopsy of Dead Birds In Arkansas: Birds Falling From The Sky Updates

Updated on January 18, 2011

Autopsies on Dead Birds Falling From the Sky

Autopsies on the dead bird phenomena in Arkansas still only point towards the firework celebration and hail storms the night of the occurrence. No poison has been found in any of the birds which rules out some type of chemical contamination. However, this case has spread even further then we first thought. Hundreds and possibly thousands of dead birds have reportedly fallen from the sky in Italy. Kentucky reported even more dead birds. Millions of dead fish were found in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. More fish were found dead in Brazil and New Zealand. About 50 birds were reported dead in Sweden.

We may never learn the true cause of this disaster. However, we must do our part to save our environment and treat all wildlife fairly!

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Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video

Pets Blogs

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